Proairus Capital

People + Purpose

Proairus Capital invests in startup and growth companies.  We partner with business owners and management teams to help drive the next chapter of growth.

The capital we invest is our own, increasing efficiencies resulting in tailored solutions. Investments start at seed round but with the resources to deploy capital as needed.  Our focus is on business services and technology that is strategic in nature to our portfolio.


Our current portfolio


Menlo Food Labs creates unique chef-driven restaurants and food halls for mixed use real estate developers.

Previous portfolio


The Pineapple Academy offers online training solutions and video production for Healthcare Food Service.


 eDepoze is the first platform to offer electronically prepared exhibits for deposition. The system then securely introduces them with an iPad or laptop. 


Proairus was an initial seed round and subsequent investor in Scout RFP. The company was sold to Workday in December 2019 for $540 Million.


RestaurantLink provides procurement solutions for thousands of restaurants nationwide.  The company was started in 1995 and was sold to Buyers Edge Platform in February 2021.